Children over 5

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Children over 5

Peirson Services has developed a unique approach to care

Counselling can look like so many different things when it comes to children; from talking in a room to group activities outside, and from playing with LEGO to painting an expressive art piece.

We aim to make children feel comfortable, heard and empowered for positive change to happen in their worlds. We adopt a child-led approach; meaning that Counsellor’s will seek to understand the child’s worldview and the challenges they are facing to support them, so they do not have to face these worries on their own. Support helps children to understand their feelings, learn new skills, and it helps them to feel better.

A child needs supports in place from many different areas of their life. Counselling with children will also include the child’s parents/Caregivers and at their school so the child feels supported to put into practice what is being learned in session in their world outside of session.

Please access the video here to learn more about what counselling with children looks like.

Our Process

01 Education Programs

We currently offer the Tuff Masters program for boys in grades 4, 5 and 6; which is an experiential activity based program to assist participants with emotional regulation, planning and organisation skills, impulse control and growing their social skills.

From time to time, Season’s for Growth is also offered for children who have experienced significant change or loss.

02 Resources

Here are some helpful resources for Children over 5:

In this short film, watch and hear from primary school students learning to use mindfulness to navigate complex feelings:

“Just Breathe” by Julie Bayer Salzman & Josh Salzman (Wavecrest Films) – YouTube

There are also many app’s that provide mindfulness techniques for children, such as:

  • Stop, Breathe & Think Kids: Focus, Calm and Sleep
  • Smiling Mind
  • Mindfulness for Children
  • Children’s Sleep Meditations
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Our key differences

We are a unique mix of caring family & youth counsellors

We support families to work towards resolving their concerns, both individually and holistically. Our caring team is available to talk, even when no one else will listen.

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