Young People 8-21

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We support young people between the ages of 8-21, to improve their lives in the areas of family, relationships, well-being, life skills, education, and employment.
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Young People 8-21

Being a teenager or young adult is one of the most challenging times in a persons life

Our Peirson Services Team offers Young People support in many different areas of their life. This support can be in the form of counselling and/or Youth Support Services to assist in areas such as Relationships, Well-Being, Life Skills, Education, and Employment.

01 Relationships

Exploration of relationships may include looking at different types of relationships:

  • Unpacking trust and who you can or can’t trust
  • What are boundaries?
  • Identifying supports in your life and who you socialise with
  • Identifying what is important in your life and whether or not what you are doing is helping you achieve this – or are there barriers in the way?

02 Well-Being

An exploration of well-being may include exploring self-care – what it means to you, and how you make adjustments to include self-care in everyday life. It may look like building awareness of identity; Who am I? Am I living my life for me, or somebody else?

03 Life Skills

For some young people, life skills are not important, and choices around behaviour can be spontaneous and vary from day to day. Support may include looking at short, medium, and long term goals.

04 Education

An exploration of education may involve looking at options around staying at school, such as alternative school pathways like Tom Quinn Community Centre, Burnett Youth Learning or TAFE. Peirson Services staff can support the young person to determine, “Is this school the right choice for me?”

05 Employment

Employment is a pathway to independence. PS staff can support young people in writing a resume, accessing programs, obtaining a birth certificate and setting up their own bank accounts.

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Our key differences

We are a unique mix of caring family & youth counsellors

We support families to work towards resolving their concerns, both individually and holistically. Our caring team is available to talk, even when no one else will listen.

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