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Our Vision

To enable every young person in Queensland to be safe, valued, and empowered to reach their God-given potential.

Our Mission & Purpose

As servants of Christ, we advance the well-being and future of young people, their families and carers through counselling, therapeutic interventions, and youth training.

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Madeleine Marais

Chief Executive Officer, Company Secretary

Madeleine is a qualified Chartered Accountant with extensive experience in the audit and compliance sector through roles in Business Services and the assurance section of Ernest and Young. Before taking on the role of CEO of the Peirson Group in 2021 she held the role of Chief Financial Officer of PresCare. Madeleine serves in various volunteer roles in her local church in Eatons Hill and has until recently chaired the Finance and Administration Board of the Presbyterian Church of Queensland. She is currently a member of the Finance Committee of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Australia. Madeleine applies her experience in compliance and corporate governance to the Peirson Group to ensure that the organisation has sound business practises.

Madeline Marais

Our Board of Directors

The Directors of Peirson Services guide the organisation’s strategic direction, oversees management and ensures compliance with the organisation’s goal, purpose and strategic objectives. The Constitution of Peirson Services governs the operations of all services provided by the company under the activities of the Peirson Memorial Trust.

The Directors of Peirson Services concurrently serve as Trustees for Peirson Memorial Trust and Ann Street Presbyterian Church Trust. Our Directors bring with them a wealth of experience and passion for our organisation and meet bi-monthly to discuss all matters relating to compliance and achievement of our strategic objectives.

Directors act voluntarily and receive no payments for their services, but are compensated for costs incurred while fulfilling their duties.

Susan Anderson

Susan Anderson

Chairman: 2020 – Present
Board: Sep 2015 – Present

Susan is a member of Ann Street Presbyterian Church where she serves in various capacities and participates in a weekly Bible study and prayer group. In addition to her role as the Chair of the board of Peirson Services she also serves as the Convenor to the Code and Legal Reference Committee for the Presbyterian Church of Queensland. Susan has been in practice as a barrister in Queensland since 2003 and enjoys a broad civil practice. She was involved in economic development before becoming a lawyer and contributes her skills to assist the operations of Peirson Services. Susan has been a Trustee and Board Member of the Ann Street Presbyterian Church Trust, Peirson Memorial Trust and Peirson Services since 2015 and been the Chair of these boards since 2020.

Min Su Kim

Min Su Kim

Board: June 2019 – Present

Min Su is a follower of Christ and member of Ann Street Presbyterian Church in Brisbane, where he serves as an elder. As a customs broker, Min Su is keen to help facilitate exports of Australian agri products into overseas markets. Min Su is educated in Social Science with a bachelor’s degree in political science, with additional training in international trade facilitation. He enjoys work in importing and exporting as a member of the Customs Brokers Association Australia. Married to Jo, Min Su has two children William and Se Yeon growing up in Brisbane. Min Su is proud to be part of Peirson Trust that works to serve families in need in Bundaberg, and he would love to see Australian avocados from Queensland landing on the tables of countries around the world.

Albert Mostert

Albert Mostert

Board: Sep 2007 – Feb 2020,
April 2021 – Present

Albert is a Christian and a member of the Ann Street Presbyterian Church where he is an Elder. He wants people to know the grace that is freely given to those who seek to know Jesus. He is a retired geologist. During his career, he fulfilled many roles in management and project development. He has a desire to see Queensland youth that are hurt and disadvantaged by broken familial relationships and societal rejection to be healed so as to become fulfilled, mature adults to the benefit of society.

George Kampen

George Kampen

Board: Oct 2023 – Present

George emigrated to Australia with his parents and siblings in 1970. On a return trip to the Netherlands in 1981, he made the decision to follow the Lord Jesus Christ, and made his public confession of faith in the Hervormde Kerk in the town where he was born. He works full-time as a computer programmer. George is a member of the Ann Street Presbyterian Church where he serves on the song-leading roster at the 9am service and helps with production of the church Study Guides and “News from the Pews” church newsletter.